We post a lot about finding YOU in your branding because it’s kinda the epicenter of what we do here at KRISTIE VENTO PR. It’s not just about your branding. It’s about merchandising, too. If you scan Facebook and Instagram right now, you will find about 100 brands with cactus-adorned dusters and tumblers. That’s fabulous. We love them. We buy them. We own them. Cactus is on trend. We get it.

Our POINT (see what we did there?) is that no matter what boutique you shop with, odds are you’re going to find something with cactus on it. So, if a customer visits your page and then forgets where they were, chances are, they’ll find the same thing in a different color at a different boutique. You don’t want to put your customers in that position.

We’re not trying to offend anyone. We’re just trying to remind everyone that if you want to stand out among your retail competition, then you simply have to be a TUMBLEWEED IN A SEA OF CACTUS. Period. Don’t abandon RETAIL TRENDS. PEDDLING  TRENDS is what keeps the lights on, but do your best to try and interpret those RETAIL TRENDS in your own way, with your own unique merchandise, and with your own funky brand vibe to promote and peddle it.

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