We spend a lot of time talking with our customers about trying to stand out. We work with a lot of different WOMEN IN BUSINESS and represent many disciplines from hospitality to small biz and retail. One thing we’ve learned by working with women boutique owners and in marketing our own boutique, is that it’s SO MUCH MORE DIFFICULT in retail than it is in other spaces to be unique, because we exist in TREND. What’s hot is what’s hot. What’s now is what’s wow. We totally get it. We feel ya. So, how do we make our BRAND STAND OUT from our competition and become an OUTLAW RETAIL BRAND It’s EASY. You have a POSSE instead of a TRIBE. You become a TUMBLEWEED in a Sea of Cactus. I think you kinda get our tongue-in-cheek sarcasm there, yes? What we’re trying to say is “STAND OUT.” Period. Use the trends to select and promote your merchandise, but use your heart and soul to promote your brand. How? This could be a full-on dissertation, but here ARE 5 QUICK WAYS TO BE AN OUTLAW RETAIL BRAND – RIGHT NOW.

DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU PEDDLE. From trendy bleached flannels to custom jewelry, it doesn’t matter what you are peddling or what the current trends are. Use your own brand vernacular to sell it. SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP does this well. Everything over there is Whiskey & Outlaw, from the logo itself to the promotional branding. Everything we do over there is bound together with an outlaw spirit, barbed wire and fringe. Check it out. We sell similar stuff to our retail sisters, but we promote it in our own way, with our own heart, and in complete outlaw spirit.

DON’T BE LIKE THE REST OF THEM, DARLIN’. Don’t borrow the language from 10 other boutiques to promote yours. FIND YOUR TRUTH. Dig a bit deeper. Revisit the reason you picked your brand to begin with and OWN IT. Most likely it has to do with something personal to you, so make it personal to your shoppers! In fact, we like to shout greatness from the tin rooftops here, so let us give you an amazing example of a boutique that does this – GEIGER CREEK BOUTIQUE .  Her family raises cattle, and her brand is 100% reflective of this. From the gussied up cow logo to the merchandise that she carries, she is true to her truth and she lets her soul and family ties brand her boutique.

BE THE PISTOL ANNIE IN A SEA OF LAURA INGALLS WILDERS. Don’t get us wrong. We love her writing.  But, if you want to stand out like the BRANDING OUTLAW you are in a sea of flash sales and boutique purges, then find a UNIQUE way to come out with all guns blazin’ and promote your merchandise. Video is trending, Progressive marketing campaigns are effective, and the holiday season is the PERFECT time to do something remarkable. Take a look at what the MEGA BRANDS are doing, and borrow a page from their playbook. They’re retail giants for a reason! They may have more marketing money in their arsenal, but they don’t have your small business heart.

IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY. We have a lot of heart-to-hearts with our handmaiden Sisters in Retail about this. Trends are trends. And just when you think you are the only human on the planet that decided to design something novel, know that there are about 20 other gals out there with another version of that in their minds and hearts. It doesn’t mean that they took your idea, it just means that they have a different form of inspiration. IT’S OK. IT TRULY IS. Imitation is the best form of flattery, and our life and business exist in capitalism. Competition is healthy. It makes us smarter. It makes us better marketers. It gives us edge. And it DEFINITELY makes us be better tellers of our own stories. Capitalism.  Look it up 🙂

STAY AHEAD OF THE HERD. If you try to run with the herd, you might get stampeded, so make sure to keep your eyes forward and stay at the front of the herd. Do you. Do what you do. Don’t pay attention to what ANYONE else is doing. Keep your stride going. This is NOT your first rodeo, and you can be the queen in YOUR arena.


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