DO YOU HAVE USP? Yes. Yes, You Do!

The quick answer is YES. You do have USP. And…NO!…we’re not saying you are Clairvoyant…although, at times it may seem like a task of Harry Potter proportion to wizard your way through the cloud of good marketing. But, we digress…

Since we all love a good acronym, here is another one to add to your dictionary of branding vernacular – USP – UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION – One of the most fundamental yet underutilized elements in branding. Knowing what makes you STAND OUT among your competition seems like a simple sentiment, but we work with so many SMALL BUSINESSES that can not seem to define what this means and how to exploit it to drive business success. Quite simply, your UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) is what makes YOU the best YOU and what you DO and how you DO it BETTER than what your competitors DO. It kinda means something a little like this – don’t try to be what they are, be what you are. If you’re great at something – own it. If you’re not the best at it – don’t. Find out how you are better and unique among the people that you’re up against in business…and SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. In the same vein, make sure you know where you are NOT better and steer clear of mentioning it.

We’re creative types around here, and we kinda dig pictures. So, we’ve curated the perfect little marketing diagram that may help put USP into clear perspective.

And, if you need an agency to help you define this and run through the streets waving your brand flag telling the whole world about this thing called USP – KRISTIE VENTO PR is just that agency.


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