When a Brand is Reflective of YOU…it’s a much Fuller Brand

We love it when a brand literally represents the person behind it, and this was no exception when creating and designing THE FULLER CLOSET brand. What a joy it has been working with this gem of a boutique owner in developing her messaging strategy and look. We love to play with puns up in this design place, and this brand allowed us to do just that. The boutique owner’s last name is FULLER, and it just seemed obvious that her brand should be nothing other than exactly that. So, we commenced to put together a real life closet filled with trendy cuteness to represent her brand. The cherry on top…or may we say…the accessory icing…was her fashionable logo crafted out of a wire hanger. The sampling below is of her marchandising package that included custom business cards, logo and brand graphics, oversized polybag mailers (we’re talking 14×19, Ladies) and some adorable hangtags that match her business cards. She is working on her Shopify e-commerce site right now, but when it’s ready, you simply MUST shop with THE FULLER CLOSET.

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