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Welcome to Kristie Vento PR, the culmination of more than 20 years absorbing life and using that experience to turn ideas into inspired brands and creative designs.

This is like meet the press, yes? Let me introduce myself…

Fairly well traveled and self-diagnosed ADHD, I am a chronic entrepreneur who lives life to its fullest, and I consider every moment spent a form of inspiration for everything I do. A true brandaholic, some might say that my love for creating brands could use its own 12 step…but I laugh in their faces, run with arms wide open to that creative bottle (hopefully Dom)…and I drink.

I’m legit, though. I built a career in luxury branding in the hospitality, travel and events industries, so I know a thing or two about creating and taking brands to market, and I even run my own lifestyle brand over at HENHAUS  (insert shameless plug here), so I can both empathize AND share that insight with my customers who are looking to tell authentic brand stories from both the B2B and B2C perspectives.

They half hire me for my experience and half hire me for my unbridled passion for telling their stories. I handle their brands with complete creative reckless abandon…and I do it well. My killer combo lies in my ability to wrap creative design in a warm blanket of good strategy & authentic messaging.

I like to say that I am a right brain with left brain tendencies. So, I am great at helping you get started with all the nuts and bolts flotsam (like getting the right certificates, selecting names that work for web and social, crafting a business/marketing plan, etc.) and then tossing a little gold glitter on your vision with design. And, if you aren’t sure where to start or what to call your new venture, I can help with that, too!

I am so excited to learn more about the story you’d like to tell, so let’s build your fearlessly authentic brand together!


After a lifetime of acquiring experience and inspiration, and after more than 20 years in luxury brand marketing in the hospitality and events industry, Owner/Designer, Kristie Vento opened the doors to KRISTIE VENTO PR with the desire to bring life to aspiring brands in Small Business.

As a boutique owner herself (HENHAUS) she understands the pains selling both products and services – products on the boutique side and services on the marketing side = pretty well rounded. She GETS small business because she IS small business – TWICE! And trying to build a business, market the business and realize success in a highly competitive space is a lot of work. It’s never easy. And this is where we help.

Kristie approaches both sides of her business with the idea that every brand has its own purpose and unique message, and her job is to bring that to life with great strategy, true stories and amazing design.  And, she believes brands that work together elevate each other in the process…there’s room for everyone to shine…so, she encourages collaboration to make each other better. Cross promotion is the new norm, and we are brilliant at that. The early part of Kristie’s career placed her as a brand manager for a boutique hotel brand. She had a budget that would make other budgets laugh. Her primary focus was to bring brands together through cross promotion to market collaboratively targeting a shared demographic (fancy schmancy marketing types call that “economy-of-scale.”) So, marketing doesn’t always take big budgets. It takes courage to push the envelope and use all the crayons in the box.


We are a turnkey agency. And we’ve even won a creative design award or 2. We can envision it, message it, create it, design it, package it, take it to market and promote the heck out of it. From your messaging strategy to your logo design to your merchandising and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. And we came to play. We treat your brand with the creative reckless abandon it deserves, and we challenge you to tell your own unique story in messaging and design. So, from custom bags to designer rags and everything in between, we can make your brand look like it just stepped out of the salon.

So, welcome to KRISTIE VENTO PR. Are you ready to get reckless?